• The King's Whore at Walkerspace- NYC

"Lauren Orkus as Mary Boleyn who delivered the most impactful emotional moment of the evening when, quite early on, she realizes she’s ruined all future prospects with her loose behavior. Ms. Orkus brings a refreshing dimensionality and texture to her character."


  • The Snow Queen at Portland Stage Company

"Orkus' Gerda is at the center of most of the action. The youthful actress was excellent as an innocent abroad who nonetheless summons much courage as she battles the elements, natural and human."The Portland Press Herald


  • The Two Noble Kinsmen at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"The standout in this production is Orkus, a prodigiously talented actor whose portrayal of a lovelorn 18-year-old girl and her subsequent madness is mercurial and funny beyond belief." - Reading Eagle


"Lauren Orkus, who plays the jailer's daughter in the lesser storyline, is both physically delightful and touchingly pathetic as a young woman hopelessly in love above her class with Palamon. " - The Morning Call


  • Comedy of Errors at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"While Luciana may be somewhat outshone on Shakespeare’s page, actress Lauren Orkus did a brilliant job of bringing her to life and realizing her full comic potential on this stage.  As the man Luciana presumes to be her sister’s husband declares his love to her, Orkus delivers an enjoyable series of reactions with perfectly timed exclamations and other skillful comic subtleties which elevated the scene.  Orkus has a similar effect throughout the play, standing out and being hilarious in scenes where I did not expect to pay her character much mind.  She reminds me here of Kristen Chenoweth’s Olive Snook from Pushing Daisies, and Suzanne Somers’ Chrissy Snow from Three’s Company: a strong comic female supporting actress who can really make any given scene.  For all her efforts, and certainly for an exceptional performance, I am proud to present Lauren Orkus with the coveted Shawn and Shakespeare Show Stealer Award for this production."Shawn and Shakespeare


  • My Sweet Charlie at the June Havoc Theatre/Abingdon

"Lauren Orkus embodies Marlene to the hilt, not only with requisite ignorance and innocence besides prejudice beyond words, but she truly carries the hallmark of what so many for so long have loved about Off-Broadway, namely the chance to catch an unknown at the beginning of what is certain to be a stupendous career upon stage and screen. And apart from that, she has an inherent knowledge of how to use her body over the course of the action to truly convey pregnancy and its physical awkwardness at times. (Granted, two scenes in which she spits food out of her mouth and/or eats a crumb off the floor will be disgusting to some, at least in the first two rows of the audience, but that action is unquestionably necessary to the character and she accomplishes it with aplomb)." 

- Andrew Martin


  • The House in Hydesville (world premier) at The Geva Theatre

"The acting in the show is universally excellent. It's nearly impossible to ignore Lauren Orkus as young Cathie, and it speaks highly of the actress that she makes a character so brazenly manipulative into something sympathetic, even arguably a victim." - City Newspaper


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